Monday, September 27, 2010

I am alive.

I have not blogged in AGES! This is my attempt to get back in my habit of blogging and also to remind any of you poor souls who follow me that I am, indeed, alive and well. Most recent wonderfulness in my life includes:

  • Being an aunt (and waiting nine months for it!)
  • Running 2 consecutive miles without dieing (Once an activity taken for granted during my mini-training days, now a step towards my next 5K.)
  • Finally purchasing our home from Michael's parents 
  • Routinely going to bed at 9 o'clock so I can be asleep by 10. 
I promise to be better about my posts if for no other reason than I like to read my own blog. I'm a dork. I know. Most of you know as well, so I'm not the slightest bit embarrassed to admit it.


  1. 1. Yay for being an Aunt :)

    2. DYING, not dieing...I know I'm a jerk, there are probably 400,000 typos in my blog

    3. I like reading your blog :) It makes me sad that none of you ever blog anymore! I'm a fan.

  2. Thank you for #2. It's one that I ALWAYS mess up. Hopefully I'll remember now. :) Also, I'm glad you're blogging more too. I'm a fan of MLIA/FML. ;)