Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My next race

To hear the title of this post, you'd think I run races all the time. In actuality, I've only done 2. Seriously? 2?! It seems as if I should have done WAY more than that with all the time I've spent "training" in the past three years. Oh well, no matter. No need to dwell on the past. On to the future...

Kelsey, my wonderful, quickly becoming best friend and colleague, reluctantly agreed to run a 5K with me on November 6. While there's much less pressure to run when I DON'T have a race on the horizon, I think a race is what I need to make sure I keep running. It's been easy recently, but I'm sure I'll hit a wall and find excuses to not go out everyday.

I'll figure out a countdown and get it up for tomorrow. Three days of blogging. GO ME!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Running: a love hate relationship

Notice that I'm back...again? Two days in a row? I'm trying to incorporate some consistency and accomplishment into my life these days.

Yesterday I went on the best run I've had in easily a year. While Sarah and I had been training for a half marathon earlier in the year (a race that we did not run due to some uncontrollably factors), most of our training was happening on a treadmill. Something that ANY trainer/runner will tell you is a BIG no-no. Since I started running again, about six weeks ago, I've been outside for all my runs. Most of these runs have been 1.7-2.0 miles long and have included periods of walking.

My run yesterday was 2.62 miles and I ran 2.32 of it. It was WONDERFUL! This morning on my way to work, I was fantasizing about my run today. I contemplated different routes, wondered what the weather would be like, planned new play lists, and became all euphoric at the thought of lacing up my Pumas for another run.

This is the part of my relationship with running that I love. Unlike other love affairs, it takes a couple of months to get to the honeymoon period. Before yesterday, my runs could be described as obligatory, obnoxious, irritating, and down right depressing. Yet, something always happens for me six weeks into a running routine that makes me want to make-out with my runs. My abs are noticeably tighter (to me anyway), my breath is steady instead of gasping, and I enjoy my time on the road. 

In addition to all the physical benefits (not the least of which is being down 8 lbs!), running has become the one thing that clears my head. Seriously. I don't think about anything when I'm running. I don't worry, fret, get upset, cry or complain when I'm running. For a half hour each day, I get to be Betty. That, is amazing, and totally worth icing my swollen knee and shin splints every night.

Apparently, I'm becoming "a runner."

Monday, September 27, 2010

I am alive.

I have not blogged in AGES! This is my attempt to get back in my habit of blogging and also to remind any of you poor souls who follow me that I am, indeed, alive and well. Most recent wonderfulness in my life includes:

  • Being an aunt (and waiting nine months for it!)
  • Running 2 consecutive miles without dieing (Once an activity taken for granted during my mini-training days, now a step towards my next 5K.)
  • Finally purchasing our home from Michael's parents 
  • Routinely going to bed at 9 o'clock so I can be asleep by 10. 
I promise to be better about my posts if for no other reason than I like to read my own blog. I'm a dork. I know. Most of you know as well, so I'm not the slightest bit embarrassed to admit it.