Saturday, May 8, 2010


Over the past 2 1/2 weeks I have started at least 5 different blog posts. I begin typing, think I'm going somewhere, and end up deleting whatever it is I had. I'm totally uninspired recently. Life has been fairly undramatic (the way I like it), and I have to say, I'm happy for the change. To be fair, I've been surrounded by drama (3 funerals in 8 days, 2 students with MAJOR issues), but Mike and I have been drama-free (pound on the proverbial wood). As much as I've been longingly looking at sweet cherubs asleep in their strollers at the mall or park, Mike and I are just enjoying spending time together.

I'm not asking for drama, but hopefully, I'll have some blog inspiration soon. Until then, you can catch me sipping on a Crystal Light (read: when on Atkin's I don't consume alcohol) on my deck, puppies at my feet and Mike grilling. Life's good. It's good to be really happy. Finally.

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