Monday, May 24, 2010


FYI- I started this blog ions ago...I'm just getting back to it now.

About four years ago, I started watching a new show that I was confident would never catch on due to its long name. Fortunately, I was wrong, and tonight I watched the season 5 finale of How I Met Your Mother (affectionately referred to as HIMYM). Over the years this show has provided a lot of laughs while still having the ability to get me to think about my life from different perspectives. While I'm not ready to ask, What would Barney do? (a possible future blog post), tonight's episode made me think about my life in a pretty cool way. I'll back up.

This season on HIMYM, the gang encountered doppelgangers of each member of the group. There was "Lesbian Robin," "Stripper Lilly," "Mexican Marshall," and "Robot Wrestling Ted." (We're still waiting for Barney's doppelganger to make an appearance.) At the end of the episode, Ted said something pretty insightful. He told Robin that all of us have doppelgangers, they're just older versions of ourselves. Who we were 5+ years ago was probably someone very different from who we are today. I for one take comfort and delight in this revelation.

Five years ago I was in a relationship that was going nowhere wishing it'd go somewhere. I abandoned principles and values I believed in for him. I'd just been hired for my first real job. I was living at home and was scared to death about what I would do without my friends. Doppelganger Betty had some issues.

Enter Betty of 2010. Thankfully, she's come a long way. The last three years have been spent with a wonderful man who's allowed me to be who I am. Together, we've embraced the faith and beliefs I so easily walked away from. I've seen friends come and go, but a few select kindred spirits have remained by my side. I've learned a lot in the past five years, and I'm happy that I have a doppelganger out there. It's because of her that I get to be me. So thanks, Past Betty. I'll learn from your mistakes and move on so that hopefully Future Betty has a life she loves too.

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  1. Ten Years Ago Elaine was listening intently to a guy who told me I'd be so much more attractive if I, (and I quote) "lost a few pounds, bought some designer clothes and, I don't know, maybe get a nose job or something. It's a bit weird" What a dick right? I also considered all three - you kind of want to go back and shake yourself don't you?

    Good job we both found good guys though, worth waiting for! x