Tuesday, November 3, 2009

...to running another half marathon.

Training Day 2:

Sarah suggested I blog through our mini training. Since I was planning on journaling through the training for my last half marathon and didn't, I thought this might not be a bad idea. I do believe, however, that Sarah is going to have to annoy me to blog about as much as I will annoy her about running outside, eating right, and not whining. (Ok, if you know either of us, you know that we're both going to be whining.)

Observations from the first two days of training:

-There are as many LC kids in the school weight room as there are at any given Gator's location, thus spending the money for a monthly gym membership is useless.

-I need to bring extra water with me daily. Otherwise, I will pay $1.75 a day for a bottle of water. This means that I will spend $8.75 a week on water. Extreme, no? Even more extreme is the fact that if I FAILED to bring water to school everyday and DID buy water five days a week for 25 weeks I would pay $218.75 for water. For. Water. I already packed my bottle for tomorrow. :)

-Nike and Apple suck. WHY is it that Nike+ only works with iPod Nanos?! I mean, I have a lovely video iPod that I am positive would LOVE to track my mileage with the Nike+ that could fit so perfectly into my super cute new shoes, but the dictators at two of the most influential companies in the world won't let me train. Last time I checked, this WAS America.

-My lovely video iPod, while not necessary the past few days due to the fact that Sarah and I talk through our workouts, WILL be very necessary once we get into further training. While the music in the gym is usually of the Fall Out Boy, Blink-182 variety, I can't usually hear it over the the dropping of weights and grunting of teenage boys.

-I need new workout pants.

-The majority of my school appropriate workout shirts are from GHS. Weird.

More observations and rants to follow. Put on your running shoes, kids. Bett's on her way to another half marathon.

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