Friday, June 22, 2012

Sharing the Sweet Life

Before I had Clark, I would dream of the children I would have. In these daydreams, my fictitious children listened to and honored my requests, shared my loves and dislikes, and were quintessential mini-me’s. Now that my son has been here for six weeks, however, those daydreams have changed. I still think would be wonderful if he loved books and the ocean. And, it would be just fine with me if he disliked cats too. His father would be elated if he grew to be loyal to the White Sox and loathe the Cubs, but what if he didn’t?

What if he would rather build things with his hands than sit and read a novel? Or what would it be like to spend our time in Florida touring the Everglades instead of sunning ourselves on the beach? Maybe one of the greatest pets of my life would have been overlooked if it weren’t for my son’s affinity for felines. And maybe, just maybe my husband would find something to like about the North side.

I guess what I’m getting at is that parenthood does change you. But for me, it’s been in ways I never imagined. When our little bundle of wonder entered our lives, I thought I would want him to be just like us, but surprisingly, that’s not what I found myself wanting. Instead, once he came into this world, all I wanted was for him to be himself. What I love sharing with him already is who he is. His personality is shining even now and I love the anticipation of all that he will become and the life we’ll have as he shares who he is with us. 

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  1. Every single day is something different with children. In 4 years there has not been one day where I have said, ok..I just can't take this anymore..I need a break. I love every minute of being a mom. Even when my kid tips over a shopping cart on top of herself with 4 cases of pop inside. Even when she throws a tantrum in the grocery store because I wouldn't leave the car doors unlocked or buy her a tall alcoholic drink cup with a straw. Just wait until he starts talking and can tell you what he's thinking. There is always something to look forward to!