Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Keep your hands to yourself.

As a child, I was told repeatedly to "Keep your hands to yourself." Usually, the direction came from my mother and was in regards to me touching my little brother. As an adult, my mother's voice still rings in my head when I remind my high school students to refrain from touching their classmates. While I have often thought the need to remind seniors of a kindergarten adage is rather ridiculous, I was more shocked that the timeless phrase nearly fell out of my mouth this morning during an interaction with a colleague.

I was warned that being pregnant would essentially remove people's ability to determine appropriate personal space, but I never dreamed that the inappropriate comments/behavior would start as early as 15 weeks! While talking to another teacher (someone I consider a dear friend) in the hallway this morning. another colleague (not a teacher, but an aide) butted into joined our conversation. She immediately called me "Mama" (I am NOT your mama, so please, do not call me that. Betty will work just fine) and proceeded to rub my bump (which still looks more like an extra 10 pounds rather than a baby). I was astonished...livid...speechless.

Here's the thing, I get it. I like rubbing baby bumps just as much as the next lady, but I think it's time that we remember boundaries or at least good manners. So, please, ask before you rub or keep your hands to yourself.

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