Thursday, September 1, 2011

Michael & Me & Baby makes Three


We won't be announcing our exciting news to the world anytime soon, but I want to blog about this pregnancy from the beginning. I'll publish these posts after the announcement is official.

Finding Out
I have been fooled before by this body of mine. In fact, I thought I was pregnant for part of June and July. For that reason, I didn't want to be too hopeful when I felt a new kind of "twinge" or cramp in my lower abdomen on Sunday. And, when my usually early signs of my period were absent, I reminded myself that it could be psyhcosymatic. However, when my period was a no-show on it's scheduled day (August 30), I HAD to test this morning (at 4:40 a.m. because I was too excited to sleep)! (I'll be honest and say I'd already tested TWICE earlier in the week.)

That obnoxious control line practically appeared when I opened the test! I thought I'd be disappointed for yet another month, but this time the second pink line started to appear. Trying to be productive and let the test develop completely, I jumped in the shower. When I got out, there was no denying a second line. Pregnant!

I spent the next half hour or so getting ready for work and deciding how to tell Michael. When I had dreamed of telling him before there were elaborate schemes involved. When it came down to it, though, I woke him up to tell him before I left for work. His reaction was much like mine-elation mixed with disbelief. This is real. We're going to be parents. We'll be a family of three (five if you count our furry children) in May!

I feel so blessed and priveledged that I get to carry this child. I've been praying for him or her to come to us for so long, and now my prayers are that I do everything in my power to protect this little being inside me and that God protect us both.

Little baby of mine (we'll work on a nickname for you ;), know that you have always been wanted. Your father and I wanted you so badly and are so blessed to have you on your way. Of all the things I've wanted in my life, being a mother has outweighed all goals and dreams. You are loved even now that you are only the size of a poppyseed. Stay safe and warm in there and starting now and for the rest of your life, let me know if you need something. I love you.

(Ultrasound is from our first midwife appointment on 9.29.11!)


  1. Betty, I'm beyond thrilled for you both. I'm with you on the phantom pregnancy thing. Paul and I have been not trying to not get pregnant (if that makes sense) for a few months now and every time I get a twinge I reach for a test!
    Thanks for sharing your journey, you have such a great outlook. This little gal/guy is very lucky xxx

  2. I finally had a chance to turn on my computer today and, JACKPOT- Baby-related posts to read!! I am so happy for you and Mike (I feel like I can't tell you enough) and can't wait for that baby to be here! Have so much fun with all the preparation- it makes the anticipation bearable :)